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Turns out there are a lot of mustard's out there. And I am the first to admit, I like squeezing a bottle of yellow stuff in a back and forth motion across a good hot dog. Sadly though, the fun stops there. The fake sweet and the lack of hot makes me wish I hadn't squeezed. The solution is, good mustard. And we have tasted a lot of mustard straight up and only a few seem to make us dance. These do ....
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Fallot Dijon Mustard - large

Fallot Dijon Mustard - large
SKU:  6061
Price: $8.99 >

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Fallot Burgundy Mustard

Fallot Burgundy Mustard
SKU:  3837
Price: $7.99 >

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Fallot Dijon Mustard

Fallot Dijon Mustard
SKU:  3350
Price: $5.49 >

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