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Classically a mixture of fruits, nuts cooked down and often sugar is added. Today, more often it is a mixture of fruits without nuts.
Fruit ButtersFruit Butters
Stewing fresh fruit with sugar and spices until thick and smooth makes a classic spread.
Made from fruit juice, sugar, and natural occurring pectin. Jelly should hold it's own shape on a spoon but with a jiggle in it's walk. Easily spreadable, a good jelly should be mostly fruit.
A preserve of preserved fruit. The original quince marmalade has been mostly been replaced by citrus like Seville oranges or grapefruit. Most often marmalade's are made from a single citrus fruits , though not always. Often thicker and "stickier", think of them as the topping to a cold piece of toast in a stone castle.
Jams are thicker than jellies, and more likely to have small pieces of fruit like marmalade's do. Just mostly fruit and sugar they seem more jelly like, and less marmalade, they do well on toast or in pastry.
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