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Sherry Vinegar

Maui Ribs

Pastry Crunch

agro di mosto the start
sour mash

oatmeal breakfast
cut oats

tuna wild fish
canned from the sea

chocolate dulcet de leche

dates the king
of dates

san marzano true italian
one of the top five superfoods … grown in Italy, these are San Marzano's. Tear dropped shape they are a sweet treat. If your San Marzano's are round, they ain't.

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Sherry Vinegar Lustau pedro Ximenez Lustau Pedro Ximenez
Sherry Vinegar

Vinegre de Jerez (or sherry vinegar) has been around since sherry making was originally introduced to the Jerez area of Spain by the Phoenicians, in 1100 BC. Since then, Jerez has remained at the center of Spain’s viniculture, with sherry wine at its core.

Sherry wine making continued relatively unchanged through the Roman times, until around AD 711, when the Moors conquered Spain, and introduced the concept of distillation. This resulted in the development of fortified wines, like brandies and the current day Sherry.

Historically, in the sherry bodegas of Jerez, when the wine accidentally underwent acetic fermentation and became vinegar, it used to be considered a mistake – and the vinegar was often sold very cheaply or given away to the employees. However, in the 1950s, the French chefs discovered sherry vinegar, and the culinary world has not been the same since.

Jerez Wine and Vinagre de Jerez are now DO (Denominacion de Origen) products – which, like Parmigiano Reggiano cheese, Champagne wine, canned San Marzano tomatoes, and Aceto Balsamico Tradizionale, means that the production and sale of true sherry wine and vinegar are controlled by a Consejo Regulador (Regulating Body) and protected under Spanish and EU laws.

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Feuilletine Flakes Pastry Crunch Amazing flaky crunch
with flavor to match.

The folks at Food & Wine Magazine aren't alone when it comes to loving this secret ingredient when you add it to ganache, frostings and chocolate truffles. Often called for in classic French recipes, these are a common ingredient when making Praline Feuillete or filling for Praline.

If you think of a wafer so crisp and thin that it shatters on contact, then you have feuilletine flakes. A handful is a perfect crunch'a'munch of the most delicate cookie. Every bite is simply tasty crunch!

The caramelized thin wafer made of flour, sugar, milkfat, milk sugar, salt, barley malt flour … pretty simple ingredients, but it is hard to make it right!

Bake it, make it, or just plain eat it, these flakes are fun. Make your next cake or praline and you will be pleased. And eat the rest with spoon...

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Maui Ribs with Garlic Spears

maui ribs
Maui Ribs
The fabulous perfect easy ribs
This past holiday we had a quick visit from our niece and nephew who resides near Dairy Joy on RT 117. They love many of our foods from ChefShop, like the ham (but it is too big for the two of them) the Reeds (she makes a mean Guacamole), and the Maui Ribs. So much that she ordered them to take home on the plane today.

And whilst she was here, we had them for the holiday meal! A perfect choice. Sadly, to many people came (they heard the ribs where on the fire) and we had no leftovers. Along with the oven blasted cauliflower, the two salads, and the garlic spears, it was a good meal!

Grill them or bake them in the oven, they come out great everytime.

These strips of naturally raised, grain-finished beef morsels from beautiful Eastern Oregon and Eastern Washington are marinated in the original Maui Rib Recipe special marinade and, when grilled, they have just the right balance of sweet to salty and fat to lean -- incredibly yummy.

That's why Rick keeps the recipe a secret! They are positively addictive; like potato chips, it's impossible to eat just one (or three, for that matter).

Shop now for Maui Ribs, good all year long!

  fresh cherries
Early Robins
Can't wait? Order the first sweet, light, cherry of the season.

meyer olive oil
Meyer Lemon

The best Meyer Lemon Olive Oil, and the best ever!

sardines lemon oil

NEW Cooking Class!

Cooking Classes with Chef Karen - Cooking in the French Countryside Class
Some of France’s most famous food has its roots in rustic, regional fare. In this class you’ll learn how to make dishes that are typical of this French “country” style: unfussy and soul-satisfying. We’ll prepare a Pissaladiere Nicoise (onion tart with anchovies and olives); Daube Provencale (rich beef stew with tomatoes and orange essence); Ratatouille (sautéed onion, eggplant, tomato and red pepper); Salad Greens with Mustard Vinaigrette and Tarte Tatin with Crème Fraiche (open-faced apple tart with tangy cream sauce).

Real Copper River hasn't come down much in price yet. Locally, at the local fish markets, it's over $40 per pound for Kings and only slightly less for Chinooks. Don't forget, it's a good time to order your cherries, the harvest may be earlier by almost a week this year. Hardneck Garlic is coming along well and our year long test is going well. I have been eating a head every week and given the fact that it is almost a year old, they are still full of flavor. And of course, with all the avocados we have been having recently, it only makes me pine for Peter's Amazing Reed Avocado's! Order up!

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