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Last call to order

Ginger Ale

Fennel Pollen

bbq essentials

cookout back-ups

sesame tahini red yuzu
make it hot with just a dollop on a plate!

ketchup ketchup
tomatoes with personality

Mama Lils spicy peppers
make it fun & add it to any bun!

sea salt light & flaky
sea salt with an easy crunch

balsamic vinegar agro di mosto
This very early stage balsamic, is sweet, before it's acidic. It shocks the palate for how smooth and sweet it is when you are expecting a young vinegar. You can use it liberally with the cost being so affordable as you would a balsamic in a salad or on your grilled veggies. Or finish a steak, a hamburger or even chicken. A last second addition to almost any dish!

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stennes family farms sweet washington cherries Cherries may ship next week!
Order Rainiers and Lapins from Area 51 Now

It's looking like a wild year! Rain, rain, rain and hail make it really, really hairy for the cherry crop! What's happening is that the harvest of all the cherries are piling on top of each other. They may ship on Monday!

Change of address? Not where you thought you would be? Let us know ASAP!! 800-596-0885

The goal is to have the cherries to be spread out over weeks, from end of June to end of July. This year we might see the Lapins and the Rainiers harvested on the same day this Sunday! We won't know until the cherries are harvested. Then we start packing!

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Rainier Cherries Feedback on the Cherries
Our first of the season feedback

We shipped some Early Robins to a couple of "friends". Hear what they "tweeted".

"Early Cherries flown in today from @chefshop in Washington State! Yummm Jaden @ Steamy Kitchen".

"The amazing Early Robin Cherries from the Stennes Family via ChefShop.com just arrived! Already … gone! (a few stashed away to take home-fantastic!)" Tina - Food & Wine Magazine.

Missed the Early Robins? Get the Fresh Rainier Cherries here!
Stennes Family Farms Lapin Cherries Area 51 Lapin Cherries
Big, Bold, Beautiful Red Lapin Cherries
The Lapins Cherry, is a big, beautiful, dark red, sweet cherry. Lapins are some of the largest, juiciest cherries that grow on trees. They're great for snacking, and so big that one cherry is a mouthful! Greg Batch, of Batch's Best Family Farms, says Lapins are his favorite of all the cherries. And he should know...

Although Bings are the more well-known sweet eating cherry, some of us here at ChefShop.com prefer the Lapin - you'll have to try them for yourself to see why! The crunchiness and juiciness just won our hearts . . . and our stomachs. If you crave "cherry cherry" concentrated flavor then you should order the Bings. Their slightly smaller size concentrates the flavor.
Shop now for the 3B's; Lapins

Bruce Cost Ginger Ale Ginger Ale
Ice cold, this is sipping' ale

Ginger Ale. Clear your taste buds and your memory of what you think ginger ale should taste like.

It's not "soda", nor is it some hard core British Ginger Beer. No, this is fresh ginger in liquid in a bottle. Made from some of the biggest ginger I have ever seen (Bruce Cost who makes it, showed me a piece of ginger) really makes it good.

When I first tried it, I didn't expect such amazing flavor. Even more surprising was the absolutely refreshing taste. A little cup goes a long way to revitalizing your brain, and it also has the immediate effect that you want more. It's that good!

No extracts, no oils, just fresh ginger,, and pure cane sugar. Use it to make a Gin and Ginger, Dark and Stormy, or just make it as cold as you can, pour into a frosted glass, and don't be stingy, baby!

Or as Norman Maine says; "ginger ale and …ginger ale" - Star is Born, 1937.

shop now for ginger ale and ginger ale

Katz Agrodolce Zinfandel Vinegar

Shop Now at gourmet ChefShop.com
Sweet and Sour Vinegar
Deglaze a pan or make a dressing
The versatility of this elixir will expand the repertoire of every level of cook. This excellent vinegar has a rich, complex flavor - try sipping a bit from a spoon. While the nose combines fruity with pleasantly sharp, the flavor is rich, mellow and winey.

Use this anytime you'd use red wine vinegar. For a simple salad dressing, add just a drizzle of olive oil, along with salt and pepper. You'll find you'll need less oil with the balanced acidity in AgroDolce than in your regular dressing recipe. It's great for sauteing, stir fries and marinades.

I love it for the versatility to go from salad to deglazing a pan of mushrooms or steak, it will absolutely make you happy. Have it in your summer pantry, and when winter comes you'll find a reason to use it, too.

Shop now for Agrodolce Vinegar!

  kozlik's mustard
Kozlik's Amazing Maple Mustard

non-gmo chickpeas
Non-GMO chickpeas

Chickpeas pair well with pastas, rice, and even heartier grains like hard wheat and farro. They make a distinctive dip, of course, but they’re even better in a long cooking stew. They can also be ground for flour, deep fried, or even made into sweet pastes, candies and puddings. For me, chickpeas were the gateway food that opened up my palate to all things Middle Eastern.

Just thinking of chickpeas I start to crave their complimentary flavors: I want figs, nuts, parsley, sweet onions and lemons too, please.

Grown here in the Northwest and are NON-GMO.
ceci lentils

Next Available Cooking Classes are now at the end-of-August!

Cooking Class with Chef Lesa - Pasta Italian Style - Classic Sauces
Who doesn't love pasta? The perfect fare for those nights when you just don't have time to cook an extensive meal, or for those that just want to feed their kids their favorite staple. Come join us as we explore a few new and simple recipes From different regions in Italy.

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Summer Farro Salad Recipe

Deviled Dates Recipe

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