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Sherry Vinegar - Sanchez Romate Reserva

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Sherry Vinegar - Sanchez Romate Reserva

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Sherry Vinegar - Sanchez Romate Reserva - 375 ml Jerez, Spain

Vinagre de Jerez, by Sanchez Romate, is a genuine sherry vinegar, made in the traditional way in Jerez de la Frontera, Spain. It is sweet and delicately acidic with distinct almond notes. It's notoriously delicious with tomatoes: tomato salad, tomato gazpacho, and more.

Sherry vinegar, or more properly "Vinagre de Jerez," is considered by some to be the finest vinegar in the world. It's wine vinegar made from sherry, the famous Spanish fortified wine. "Fortified" means that when the grapes ferment into wine, neutral spirits are added, contributing flavor and character (and alcohol content). Real sherry vinegar is produced in the Spanish province of Cádiz on the Atlantic coast, inside an area known as the "sherry triangle."

Vinagre de Jerez owes its pedigree to the unique viticultural region where it's made - the area's location near the ocean, the chalky soil - as well as to its maturing process, called the solera system. As it matures over years, the sherry passes through a series of many oak barrels, all the while being mixed with wines of various ages. Unlike wine, vinegar does not have an exact vintage due to this mixing, which imparts unique character. The result is vinegar that strikes the perfect balance between acid and sweet, delivering layered flavors reminiscent of wood, leather, and earth.

This particular sherry vinegar is made from 100% palomino grapes, and since it is a "reserva", it is aged in in oak for at least three years.

Suggestions for Use
Lustau's sherry vinegar can stand with the best balsamics, and presents a wonderful all-around resource for your kitchen. Think outside of the box! Use this vinegar for added depth, richness and flavor in salads, in marinades, drizzled to bring out the flavor of soups and stews. Sherry vinegar is delicious on roasted peppers, and sensational in a braised chicken recipe.

The production and quality of sherry vinegar is monitored and controlled by the Consejo Regulador and has its own Denominación de Origen, which is protected by Spanish and EU law. Sanchez Romate is one of our favorite producers of sherry vinegar; the firm was founded in 1781 and has been going strong ever since.

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