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Pedrosillano Cafe Garbanzo Beans - Dried

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Pedrosillano Cafe Garbanzo Beans - Dried
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Essential Pantry Pedrosillano Cafe Garbanzo Beans - Dried - 1 lb bag - Washington - NON-GMO certified - traceable

Don't be fooled by their size! These unique garbanzo beans increase in size by 15% after soaking. They are preferred by hummus makers because they are smooth and creamy with a slightly nutty taste. Also excellent in soups, salads and side dishes.

Smaller in stature than their brother, the York, they swell to the challenge by 15% after soaking. These really smooth beans, with a bit of nuttiness, are a favorite with chefs wanting to make the very best hummus. As versatile as all garbanzos are, they also are great in salads and soups.

How are these different than the commodity beans you see in the market? Traceable and fresh. From planting to harvest, from bagging to us, every bean has a route we know! It's this freshness that makes them better. I expect the natural growing process doesn't hurt either.

About Pacific Northwest Farmer's Co-op:

PNW's unique foods don't just sound different, they taste better, too. That's because they're grown by a unique family of farmers on the Palouse who are passionate about putting healthier foods on the world's table.

They are dedicated to preserving family farms and protecting the land through a way of life that some would call old-fashioned. Passed through many generations, their 100-year-old family farms in eastern Washington and northern Idaho are rooted in sustainable agriculture. Their growers have a history of nurturing the land through crop rotation, cover cropping and reduced tillage. As a result, the PNW farmers use up to 50% less fossil fuels, greatly reduce the use of toxic chemicals, sequester carbon, protect the soil, and conserve water.

It all ads up to rich, healthy soil, which allows PNW to grow incredibly healthy beans, lentils and split peas. PNW foods are also verified non-GMO by Non-GMO project. They are also kosher certified and pass the toughest food safety inspections in the industry.

Origins of Parve and Kosher certified at PNW. Not certified Kosher in Essential Pantry zip seal Bag.

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Pedrosillano Cafe Garbanzo Beans - Dried

Pedrosillano Cafe Garbanzo Beans - Dried
SKU:  6685
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