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Dried Black Currants

Dried Black Currants
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Essential Pantry Dried Black Currants - 1 pound - California

Californian Dried Black Currants
Healthy oblate spheroids
Black Currant Berries!

This tart berry can be eaten raw, it's a little treat. A little candy raisin. Typically, sugar is used to create juice and puree. The puree is often used in jams and jellies added to cream dishes, or combined with other fruits to add a bit of tartness.

Much of the plant is often used as a dietary supplement. The leaf is used for joint pain, respiratory ailments, bladder issues. The currant oil is used for women “issues”. And the berry is believed to address Alzheimer’s disease.

Used in food for at least 500 years, it is a rich source of vitamin C. For British citizens, currants became an important syrup because of this high concentration of C when foods with C became scarce during the second world war.

With the blackcurrant’s good fibre, essential nutrients and healthy dose of polyphenols, this unique flavor is an excellent addition to your pantry.

So try some dried black currants when you make your next batch of scones, add some to your next risotto, or to your next wild duck dish. This little berry is versatile, adds punch, mixes it up and is good for you! The best thing is that it’s dried, so today or tomorrow, it keeps, ready for your next whim.

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