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Tiburtini Olio Novello - Organic

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Tiburtini Olio Novello - Organic
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Pre-order for 2014 Harvest. Late Fall or Winter Delivery
2013 Harvest
Tiburtini Olio Novello - 500 ml - Italy

If you love the delicious flavor of Tiburtini olive oil, you're just going to love this fresh off the press Olio Novello. Picked and pressed at the end of October, Tiburtini Olio Novello is a once-a-year treat for the palate. Typically the new oil is stored for 2 to 3 months to allow it to mellow and clarify. During the harvest it is traditional for the pickers and pressers to have a celebration for the new oil, which bold and aggressive right off the press, and this means plenty of food finished with the peppery green liquid.

2013 Tasting Notes:
Place your nose at the neck of the bottle and you will get a distinct smell of fresh olive. Like a distinctly hard olive, just ripe, and not a soft overripe one.

Tiburtini is always lighter in color, somewhat yellowish green.  Almost always it has a distinct color that we recognize as Novello.

To the tip of the tongue it feels very buttery and has a wonderful oil feel. When you take a tablespoon the oil dissipates into a vapor almost instantly leaving a fresh light feel with a just a hint of spice or burn at the back of the throat.

Like a tickle to tease it is a satisfying and wonderful Olio Novello.

2011 Tasting Notes:
A following of this oil is strong. We have had this oil for at least 8 years, and this years oil reminds us why. It says it's Italian right from the nose to the palette. Green, grassy notes, smooth and satisfying, this oil always rolls through your senses. Hand harvested in the trees, these olives are blended every year to what seems to be the best blend. Not stressed to be the same, Tiburtini seems to take what the year brings and makes it their own. Each year a bit different, yet you know it's theirs.

2010 Tasting Notes
This oil has a dedicated following. In a clear bottle so you can see the just pressed "freshness". Clean, smooth, fresh olive, we love the fact that this oil is so reliable!

about the producer
This oil named Tiburtini springs from trees growing on the ancient land of Villa Adriana - the Villa of the Roman Emperor Hadrian located in Tivoli built between 115 and 135 A.D. The Villa is located in the small but exceptional olive-growing region near Rome, in the region of Lazio. The trees are most likely descendants of the olive groves that grew there during the period of ancient Rome.

Tiburtini oil is from the first cold pressing of freshly hand picked olives - a combination of both green and ripe organically grown olives. The mill is located just below the hills of Tivoli, adjacent to the famous Roman travertine quarries.

The olive varieties that give this non-filtered oil its distinctive, delicate, and complex flavor include Brocanica (grown exclusively in Tivoli with possible origins in Egypt), Montanese, Oliva Dolce, Romana, Carboncella, and Rosciola - grown using organic methods. The flavor of this medium weight oil from Tivoli in Lazio never ceases to amaze me year after year.

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