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Raspberry Nonnettes

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Raspberry Nonnettes
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Raspberry Nonnettes - Dijon, France

French Nonnettes
Raspberry Little Cakes

Nonnettes are similar to Pain d'épices in that they are a "spice-bread" that has honey as a key ingredient. These "Nonnettes" are from Les Ruchers de Bourgogne, the beekeepers whom make some of the finest honeys we have ever had!

Like a small round cake, slightly larger than a mouthful, with a center of jam, it is not the jam that "feature", it is in fact the bread itself. It is hard to explain how these cakes are. The outside smells like a gingerbread and when you make the first bite the honey sugar on the outside crinkles in your mouth.

The outside blends with the "cake", soft and chewy, it is a drier feel than you might expect, it is more like a super soft ginger bread cookie. The jam in the center is a little pocket of topping in reverse, as if you dolloped the bread yourself.

The spices and the honey in the "bread" is quite a combination that is both subtle and tasty. Perhaps not for everyone, every element of this delicious cake is top notch! I love this cake and it's bigger brother Pain d'éspices. I could eat all 6 in one sitting! Will easily fit in a stocking, but be careful not to squish!

Want to impress your home Francophile who cooks only French? They will love you for this ….

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