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Orange Flower Water - Morocco

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Orange Flower Water - Morocco
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Essential Pantry Orange Flower Water - 3.0 oz Morocco

Orange flower water, also known as orange blossom water, is a wonderfully perfumy distillation of bitter-orange blossoms. Orange-flower water may be a flavoring in baked goods - it is often a secret ingredient in French madeleines - as well as various sweet and savory dishes and a variety of drinks.

Orange-flower water is a classic in North African and Middle Eastern cuisine. Ours is produced from bitter orange blossoms grown in the northwestern part of Morocco, and is nicely fragrent, with a slight bitter flavor.

Serving Suggestions
Remember that a little goes a long way! A few drops of orange-flower water enhances fruit, particularly apricots, figs, strawberries, rhubarb, pears, dates or bananas. Add a few drops to fruit salads, summer pudding, fruit pastries, stewed or poached fruit, fruit creams and fruit crêpes.

On the savory side, a few drops added to dishes like lamb with apricots and almonds, chicken with white wine and grapes, duck with cherries, and Persian or Arabic rice dishes, gives an irresistible touch.

You might also try adding half a teaspoon of orange-blossom water to salad dressings. This is intriguing with carrot salad, avocado and smoked fish and stir-fried peppers with ginger and chilli.

The trick with both orange blossom water and rose water is to use very little, to give the merest hint of fragrance.

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Orange Flower Water - Morocco

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