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Glace de Poulet - 1.5 oz
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More Than Gourmet - 1.5 oz - Roasted Chicken Stock

Unlike a demi-glace, this Glace de Poulet is made without flour as a thickener, producing a clean, light flavor that is appropriate for modern cuisine. Stock, rich with roast chicken flavor, is reduced to 1/20th of its volume, yielding a rich and complex "glaze."

Serving Suggestions
Add Glace de Poulet Gold to finished sauces or to stocks by adding 1-2 oz per gallon, which will lend stock a deeper flavor and color.

It's also wonderful for deglazing pans. To deglaze a pan: After food (usually meat, often with aromatics like onion or garlic) has been sauteed and the food and excess fat removed from the pan, add a few spoonfuls of the Glace. Bring close to a boil and stir vigorously, scraping up all the browned bits on the bottom of the pan. The resulting mixture may be used to make a sauce for the meat, or sometimes added directly to the final product, a stew for example.

Makes about 2 2/3 gallons of chicken stock.

This product gluten free.

Information courtesy of More Than Gourmet.

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