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Best Bing Cherries
Every cherry was perfect, fat, sweet and crispy. Year after year they arrive at the peak of perfection.
by sally
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5 pounds of Fresh Bing Cherries (sweet, dark cherries)

* PRICE INCLUDES EXPEDITED SHIPPING* (We will remove any shipping charges if they appear on the final order.)


Shipping anticipated to be June 28th. Please order by 25th of June, 2017

About the Bing Cherry

As seen in New York Times

The Bing cherry was our first foray into fresh, tree-ripened, picked-at-its-peak fruit. In July, 2001, we waited with great anticipation for the arrival our first box of cherries. When we opened that first box, the aroma was enchanting. We immediately dove in and consumed at least half of those cherries, right in the middle of our warehouse.

Over the course of the next few days, we ate our way through the cherries, at home and at work, sharing one or two with customers who happened to be in the store and a few with our UPS drivers.

In July, Washington-grown cherries are widely available in local grocery stores, and they look mighty good. So every year, we buy some - just to check out our competition. And every year, we are happy to report that our cherries - direct from the orchard at Stennes Family Farms - are just better. They're bigger, juicier, firmer and more flavorful, and we are thrilled to offer them to you.

Bing Cherries are the most popular variety of sweet cherry. The taste of that mahogany red flesh is a signature summer experience in Washington State. Washington produces some of the finest cherries, apples and pears in the world, but most of that fruit is picked early - before the fruit is actually ripe, because it needs to travel by truck or train across the country to reach your supermarkets.

Bing Cherries are the first of the dark cherries to arrive every year. At, they are available for just one day a year - the day they are shipped out to you.

Order today to make sure you will receive the fruit the way nature intended it to be eaten - juicy and perfectly ripe. Once you have tried The Stennes Families big, juicy, sweet, tree-ripened Bing Cherries, you'll understand how exceptional they are and why we think they are the very best.

Important Shipping Information:
* Please plan to be available on delivery day, so that your cherries don't have to sit outside in hot weather. A UPS notification will be emailed to billing email address the day the cherries are shipped. Additionally, we try to keep the cherry page updated with the latest shipping information.

* Price including shipping within the Continental US only. Call us (800.596.0885) is you need to know what the additional shipping charges are to Alaska or Hawaii. We are unable to ship fresh fruit to international destinations.

* If your order includes both fresh cherries and other items, the cherries will ship separately and you will be charged our regular ground or expedited shipping for the non-perishable items.

* Our cherries are ripe and ready to eat right out of their box. However, we recommend removing the plastic bag of cherries from their foil liner, and chilling the fruit in the refrigerator for 12-24 hours before eating. This helps them crisp up after their journey. The cherries will keep in the refrigerator for up to one week. It's also always a good idea to wash all fruit before eating it.

Shipping LOCALLY or within the Pacific Northwest?
Call us (206.286.9988) if you're shipping within WA state or to northern OR for special pricing - or if you want to pick your cherries up in the store. We have special pricing for you due to lower shipping costs.  (Or just place an order online, and we will automatically change your pricing to the local pricing.)

For Gift Orders:

During the holiday season, PDF Fruit Certificates as emailed to purchaser within 24-48 hours of ordering. the certificate indicates to whom the cherries are being sent, as well as who the gift is from. If there is not a separate ship-to name and address, the "to" section of the certificate will be left blank, so that you can fill it out however you wish. If you need us to mail a physical certificate to the gift recipient, please let us know.

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