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Flageolet Beans - Dried

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Flageolet Beans - Dried
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Essential Pantry Flageolet Beans - dried - 1 lb

Heirloom flageolet beans from France are actually small immature kidney beans. When cooked, they become tender and extraordinarily creamy, while retaining their shape and delicate color.

Preparation Suggestions
Flageolet beans are excellent served simply, with a nice vinaigrette; in a salad dressed with lemon, olive oil, and crème fraîche; or warm with herbs like sage or thyme and a little bacon for flavor, if desired. In France, they are typically served in soups, gratins, and especially with roast lamb.

Why Use Dried Beans?
With a little advance planning for soaking time, dried beans are easy to prepare, and you'll really notice the difference in flavor and consistency compared to canned beans.

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