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Dancing with Lena Camelina Oil

Dancing with Lena Camelina Oil
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Three Good Reasons to Switch Your Salad Oil Today

by Eliza Ward

Imagine a shelf-stable oil that not only tastes good, but is as high in omega-3 fatty acids as flaxseed oil, has high levels of vitamin E, and can be grown in such a way that it might just be our nation’s solution to growing bio-fuels without disrupting our current food supply chain. Imagine...

Meet Camelina Oil – the Next Big Super Food

Give a boost to your body and world peace – all in one fell swoop! Here are three reasons to switch to Camelina Oil today...

Reason #1: Camelina Oil is High in Omega-3 Fatty Acids

Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids are called "essential fatty acids" because they are especially critical to ongoing healthy bodily functions, and because our bodies cannot make them -- they must be consumed. Camelina oil is exceptionally high in omega-3 fatty acids -- up there as one of the great plant sources, along with flax seed oil. However, because Camelina oil is high in tocopherols (vitamin E), unlike flax seed oil, Camelina oil is very shelf stable - making it much more practical, and probably healthier, than flax seed oil to consume - because it's slow to go rancid - either in the bottle (especially if stored in the fridge) or in your body.

Reason #2: Camelina Oil Tastes Great

It turns out that Camelina Oil is a wonderful salad oil – A hint of broccoli? Or is it asparagus? Or is it pea?... it's surprisingly delicious, with mellow nutty overtones and flavorful... Great tasting, in my humble opinion, especially when you compare it to Flax Seed Oil! So you not only get the great health benefits -- but it's easy to enjoy! Yum!

Reason #3: Camelina Seed is a Sustainably Crop

Organic farmers began experimenting with a sustainable growing practice called intercropping, or “Mischkultur.” The concept is to grow grain, legume and Camelina crops together in one field at the same time, harvest them simultaneously, and then separate them after harvest. Renee Featherstone and Lentz Farms have become masters as "Mischkultur" - growing other grains (spelt or emmer) along with Camelina Seed. (See emmer and camelina in the picture above.) Intercropping is good for the farmer (two crops from one field), good for the land (Camelina acts as a natural weed suppressant and helps minimize field rodents), and good for you! What could be better?

Pick a New Dance Partner and put a Little Camelina Oil in your Life Today

So, update your dance card and add Lena Camelina Oil to your list of amazing ingredients worth consuming every day. I put a few tablespoons into my yogurt smoothie every morning, but there are many other ways to add a little Camelina boost to your daily routine.

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