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Chocolate Covered Cherries - 9 piece - Mademoiselle de Margaux

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Chocolate Covered Cherries - 9 piece - Mademoiselle de Margaux
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Sold Out
9-piece Box of Chocolate Covered Cherries - Mademoiselle de Margaux - France

These chocolate-covered cherries by Mademoiselle de Margaux are a revelation. Named "La Guinette," these grown-up indulgences are pitted griotte (morello) cherries dipped in Armagnac and then coated in rich, dark chocolate. The cherry's slightly tart fruitiness and the warmth of the Armagnac blend gorgeously with chocolate. This is what chocolate-covered cherries were always meant to be.

And if you like chocolate covered cherries -- don't miss the chocolate covered grapes. (See to the right!)

About the Producer

Based in the Médoc region of France near Bordeaux, Mademoiselle de Margaux draws its inspiration and know-how from the renowned Margaux terroir. In the quest for subtly powerful ingredients and aromas, Mademoiselle de Margaux creates new recipes inspired by the riches of nature.

The harmony between the aromatic notes of chocolate and the selected flavors - fruits, liqueurs - is at the heart of the Mademoiselle de Margaux brand. Mademoiselle de Margaux selects the highest quality ingredients, from chocolate to fruit.

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