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Albertengo Colomba Delice Primavera

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Albertengo Colomba Delice Primavera
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Pre-order for Easter Delivery 2015
Albertengo Colomba Delice Primavera - 2.2 pound cake - Italy

Similar to the Christmas Pandoro, this Colomba has no candied fruit or raisins added -- just light, buttery bread. Plus a touch of orange essance to highlight the coming of Spring. Makes for an amazing French Toast -- and the perfect addition to your family Easter breakfast traditions.

About Albertengo
This Colomba Delice Primavera is from Albertengo, 4th generation baker and master panettone maker. In the early years of the 20th century in a small town in the Province of Cuneo, at the foot of the Monviso mountain range, a modest bakery was born where every day a golden-coloured loaf of bread with a crisp and tasty crust was taken from the oven. This work rhythm remained unchanged for years until one day, different times and circumstances resulted in the quiet decision to experiment with the art of naturally leavening - already used for making bread – to bake confectionery. That was when the first "Panettone Albertengo" was born, and in this way the delicate and appetising smell of confectionery was added to the traditional fragrance of bread.

The keys to a quality Colomba or Panettone loaf are three-fold. First, the quality and history of the Mother's yeast, the strain of yeast which has been favoured for years and which is renewed each day. It adapts to the environments in which we allow it to live and breathe. Yeast, therefore, as the fruit of experience. Second, the quality of the raw materials. Albertengo uses only the best flour, sugar, eggs, butter, candied fruit and raisins. Third, the process and the years of expertise in making Panettone and Columba. From the first mixing, to the moulding, to the baking to the cookling, Albertengo has the knowledge and expereince to produce the consistently excellend product every time. Supplies extremely limited

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