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 Fruite Noir – The Art and Science of a Traditional Provencal Olive Oil
This coufi, or Fruite Noir, method of producing olive oil was the tradition in many parts of France, mostly before the advent of the continuous olive oil press. But what used to be the standard is now very hard to find – and for good reason. Originally, this method of aging the olives before pressing was just as likely born out of necessity, than out of preference. But the quality of the olive oil was highly variable, and often contained off flavors. However, sometimes the flavor was absolutely exquisite. It was those exquisite flavors that Jean-Benoit Hugues of Domaine du Castelas was determined to re-produce.
 Trappist Abbey Monks Fabulous Fruitcake
All about the award winning fruitcake
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Pernigotti Cocoa Powder - Italy

Pernigotti Cocoa Powder - Italy
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Oatmeal, Organic Stone-Cut from Scotland

Oatmeal, Organic Stone-Cut from Scotland
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Sacred Sea Albacore Tuna (Oregon)

Sacred Sea Albacore Tuna (Oregon)
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