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Zen Tea

Zen Tea
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2 oz - China - Green Tea

Zen Tea from the monks of Wei Mountain Temple in Hunan Provence, China - one of the largest Zen temples in Southern China.

This green tea is famous for being naturally high in zinc and selenium because of the rich soil where it grows.

The temple is set in the high mountains surrounded by natural beauty, and the monks do not use any chemical fertilizers; so the tea is naturally organic.

It is harvested only once a year in early spring. It's picked by monks by hand with great care. The standard for plucked tea is very strict; it must be only the bud plus one baby leaf.

This Zen Tea is not sold on the open market. Since only a small quantity is produced every year, only a small amount is available for sale to the local population. A visit to the temple is required to obtain it.

Wei Mountain Zen Tea has a flavor full of natural beauty:

Aroma: A pleasant, delicate, vivid, floral bouquet with a hint of wet earth after the rain, and a subtle sweetness, like stone fruits (apricot, plum, etc)

Flavor: Fresh, herbaceous, mineral, with a background of roasted chestnut and artichoke

Mouthfeel: Mellow, smooth, soothing, slightly dry but not astringent

Aftertaste: Subtle, sweet, clean, refreshing

Color: The dry tea has a deep jade color that becomes a vibrant green once it is infused.

Brewing: Tea can be brewed two or three times per serving. One tablespoon per cup, three brewings per tablespoon. Optimal water temperature: 185-degrees


Teaware: Glass cup or glass pot - transparency of glass invites you to enjoy the dance of tea leaves as they open. A porcelain cup with a lid also works.

Water Temperature: 176 to 185 degrees

Amount of tea leaves: 1 tablespoon

Amount of water: 8 oz per brewing

Steeping time: A single 8 oz cup of tea should be brewed for about one minutes. When using a porcelain cup, brew about 20-30 seconds for he first brew, and then extend the brewing time 10-20 seconds for each subsequent infusion.

Steeping infusions: 2-3 times per serving

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