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Wonder Honey - Organic

Wonder Honey - Organic
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250 Grams Organic - Brasilian Rain Forest

Wonder Honey is created by bees foraging in the virgin tropical Brazilian rainforest. In the rainforest, nectar flows all year round and thus the bees not only do not need to be fed any man-made syrups to sustain them over the winter, they do not need to be moved great distances to find their food. The forest naturally provides for the bees year round.

The rainforest of Brasil offers nut trees, wild orchids, and other tropical flowers from an amazingly wide variety of plants.
It is this unique combination of flora and fauna available to the bees which creates the unique and special taste of Wonder Honey.

Collected and harvested by monks living on a large, certified organic farm located on the edge of the largest rain forest in the world, these bee keepers have in a symbiotic relationship with their bees. Everything is done organically and in harmony with nature.

This means Wonder Honey is uniquely free of any pesticide or man-made residues -- of any kind.

From your first taste the flavor is open, clean and fresh - reflecting the honey's true and pure origins. The taste of nut tree flowers is the base flavor, but it is not so strong or overpowering to the palette, like many other nut tree honeys. The floral notes are both unique and add a complexity not found in other multi-floral honeys. The harmony of these florals shines through beautifully enhancing the overall flavor of the honey.

Health Benefits of Wonder Honey:

The fact that honey has amazing medicinal properties should not come as a surprise—honey is, after all, derived from the nectar of plants, and plants are the genesis of many modern medicines.

Honey bees enhance the pre-existing medicinal properties of plant nectar by adding beneficial enzymes to the nectar and condensing it into a form—honey—that maintains its medicinal properties for prolonged periods of time.

Manuka Honey has long been touted for its anti-bacterial properties. In testing, Wonder Honey has been found to be even more effective than Manuka Honey in keeping bacteria at bay. Given its origins, it is no wonder that this is an amazing honey!

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