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White Rice Beans - Dried - Zursun

White Rice Beans - Dried - Zursun
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1.5 lb

The rice bean is not, as some believe, just a dwarf version of white kidney beans, it is a completely different species (Vigna umbellate) that has its origins in Northeast India, Northern Burma and Northern Thailand.

This tiny pulse-like bean has cooking qualities closer to lentils than to beans, most important of which is the fact that they don't need to be soaked before cooking.

The dried beans are usually eaten in soups, or as a pulse boiled with or without rice. The nutritive value of rice bean is exceptionally high. The dried seeds contain high amounts of protein.

In Asia the beans are frequently cooked with, or instead of, rice, often in soups and stews. Since its introduction into Europe in the 1860s it has slowly built a popular following, and it has very recently become popular in this country.

They have a mild, slightly sweet flavor. Try making a delicious cold salad with rice beans as the main ingredient, with diced tomatoes, bell peppers and onion, fresh sweet corn, and a light dressing.

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