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Besides extensive culinary training, and a broad base of cooking experiences, all the chef instructors at share a critical food philosophy in common; the importance of quality ingredience, both fresh and from the pantry. It is really surprising how quality ingredients can transform a dish from ordinary to extraordinary, without any more time or effort or skill in the kitchen.

Introducing Erin Coopey

Erin Coopey is a chef, cookbook author and food photographer. She has molded her passion into a career, sharing her love of cooking and good food with hundreds of students. In addition to teaching, she has published multiple recipes in local and national publications, edited a series of professional culinary DVDs, and presented on television. Her business, The Glorified HomeChef, embodies her belief that cooking should be fun and accessible. Long before she changed careers and went to culinary school, she was just like you -- she loved to cook and entertain. Now she shares her professional knowledge with home cooks in easy, fun, delicious ways through books, blogging and classes. Her first cookbook, "The Kitchen Pantry Cookbook," was published in August 2013 and she's working now on her third book now.

Introducing Pam Sawyer

Pam Sawyer grew up in Upstate New York, and as an early gardener, has always been excited by what’s in season. Pam had the opportunity to live in Miami, enjoying tropical cooking, then in Madrid, where she learned Spanish and Mediterranean cuisine. Pam graduated from Seattle Culinary Academy and has been cooking professionally for over 10 years. Besides teaching cooking classes at PCC Natural Markets and, now,, she has worked in bistro restaurants, as a catering chef, and most recently as a culinary instructor and private chef. A young gardener at heart, she maintains an organic garden year round and is inspired by creative, healthy cooking.

Introducing Lesa Sullivan

Lesa Sullivan is a chef and food educator with more than thirteen years' experience in Seattle. She has taught with several culinary organizations including Pacific Culinary Studio, 21 Acres Farm School, Sur La Table, PCC Natural Markets,, and FareStart’s Adult Culinary Program. She is the owner of, a personal chef service that brings local, sustainable, and healthy foods to folks in the Greater Puget Sound area.

Introducing Maria Troxell

Native of Venezuela, Maric Troxell earned a culinary deploma from Le Cordon Bleu in Paric in 2014. She relocated to the Pacific Northwest in 2015, after living in Europe for over 10 years and falling in love with the food-and-wine centric culture there.  She has worked in fine restaurants in Europe and the US, and is currently a Assistant Food Stylist for Jean Galton (local food photographer), Retail Manager, and Chef Instructor at Her passions lie in impeccable executed dishes from different curltures and cuisinces from all around the world, with a particular love of Latin American cooking.

Introducing Chef Kanako Koizumi:

Kanako's passions are authentic home cooking from my native Japan and helping people discover and enjoy its simple beauty, seasonality and practicality. For over ten years she have enjoyed teaching Japanese home cooking classes at PCC Cooks and clients’ homes, preparing bento box lunches and dinners, designing recipes and menus, and catering events small and large for a variety of occasions. 

Introducing Chef Darin:
Darin began his culinary adventure two decades ago as a way to get out of a small town in Eastern Washington and into the city. Seeking out as many experiences as possible and moving from coast to coast, he worked at lobster shacks, pizza joints, fine dining restaurants,  and landmark hotels. Not a born teacher or cook, he was lucky enough to work with outstanding chefs that helped him become both. Darin is the owner of Wild Oats Northwest Catering and lives in Cle Elum with his wife and son.


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