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Venchi Sugar-free Milk Gianduja

Venchi Sugar-free Milk Gianduja
Product Code: 6337
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45 gr - Italy (small bar)

When we first tasted this chocolate, it was a shock. In a blind taste test, we tested all kinds of chocolate, and we all were as likely to choose Venchi's sugar-free as any of our other excellent chocolates!

If you didn't know this was sugar-free, you would swear you'd just eaten something you shouldn't have.

About the Producer

This creamy light chocolate bar is enriched with Piedmont hazelnut cream to make gianduja - a classic Italian combination. The little bar is the perfect size to tuck in your bag for a handy pick-me-up on a slow afternoon.

Venchi sugar-free chocolate is sweetened with maltitol.

Silvano Venchi established his "confectionery laboratory" in Turin in 1878. Venchi prides itself on classical production techniques, no chemical additives or preservatives, exceptional quality and freshness, and of course, unrivaled taste - yes, with sugar-free too! The "chocolate's soul" expresses itself in every bite of these delicious chocolates.

Venchi is committed to offering excellent-quality confections to their customers with special dietary needs. Their sugar-free chocolate is made with the same scrupulous attention to detail and quality as the entire Venchi product line - and the proof is in the taste.

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Venchi Sugar-free Milk Gianduja

Venchi Sugar-free Milk Gianduja
SKU:  6337
Price: $4.99 >

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