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V Smiley Nectarine Blackberry Honey Jam

V Smiley Nectarine Blackberry Honey Jam
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V Smiley Nectarine Blackberry Honey Jam - 6 oz jar - Seattle, WA

This is a preserve, a jam if you will, that is sweetened with nature. Not just a growing one (sugar cane), but one that's made by an creature that buzzes.

Bees are the makers of the sweetener of this very special jam.

The sweetness is quite nice; it's sweet, but in a way that makes the "dryness" of the nectarine and the blackberry come through. The honey maintains its flavor without being dominate.

When I taste it, it makes me wish for a crumpet or a crispy English muffin, and skipping the butter would just fine!

If you like jam in the morning, this is the one.

About V Smiley Preserves:
Born on a farm in Vermont, her mother milked cows, made yogurt on our kitchen woodstove and delivered mason jars of yogurt to stores and homes. Her father fixed fences, turned the grassland to hay each summer and homeschooled his children. Their school year circled around the growing season; food lay at the center of life. That upbringing gave V Smiley absolute comfort in the kitchen and a deep admiration for food craft. Today, she works as a restaurant cook in one of the best restaurants in Seattle. There, she has honed her craft for mixing flavors, and thinking outside the culinary box.

V Smiley Preserves was started with a larger vision in mind, one that draws together the talents of family and the land in Vermont where she grew up. It's been several years since her parent’s farmstead produced much more than hay. The pasture filled in with brush and the fruit trees have lost their shape. Ultimately, she plans on returning to Vermont and, with the help of her family and loved ones, restoring the farm back into a working state; fruit for preserves, but also animals, vegetables, regional seed bank, cookery school, event space, and cookbook library. But first .... jam!

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