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Triptic of Brittle

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Triptic of Brittle
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Triptic of Brittle - 9oz total

Triptic of Brittle
What could be Better?

Three fabulous, gorgeous, nut brittles. One that is peanuts encased in peanut butter, one with cashews that is sweet as an angel, hot as the devil and the runaway best seller, and one that is brittle covered with dark chocolate, that’s right; brittle and chocolate!

Sometimes, we just need to feel sorry for ourselves. I mean that, realistically, no one but ourselves can appreciate how much sacrifice we make for others, mostly because others are thinking the same thing.

It comes with the change in seasons; where the grey comes along with the rain. If you live in New England, you get the wonderful fall colors to enjoy. All we get here is more green and having to break out the lawnmower to mow, in the rain!

Don’t think it’s extravagant, three of anything is great! When all three are the same, yet different, it’s like a meal!

So, it’s a little early, but the best gift to give ... to ourselves, is the triptic of brittle!

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