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The Jam Stand Drunken Monkey Jam

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The Jam Stand Drunken Monkey Jam
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The Jam Stand Drunken Monkey Jam - 8 oz jar - Brooklyn, NY

This jam is my jam!!
Bananas, Rum and Lime!

What could be better in a jam?

Okay, so if you hate bananas you might just not love this. But, you might...

It’s sweet, full of banana, and the rum and lime add just the right twist. The lime hits first (and last too) on the edge of the tongue, and the rum twists the banana giving it a vibrancy.

This is totally a spoon-ready food, though it might be just a little to sweet for some, as an add on ingredient to a muffin, or the top of a pancake it is perfect.

Described by one mechanic as "deeply banana, with the essence of super ripe, and very sweet". Smooth with pieces, not chunky, it’s spreadable, delectable and could be your jam!

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