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Swiss Grand Cru Drinking Chocolate - Dark

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Swiss Grand Cru Drinking Chocolate - Dark

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1 lb - Switzerland

This real drinking chocolate, brought to you from Essential Pantry, has become the house favorite. If you like hot chocolate and are always disappointing when you make a cup of some powdered mix, then this is the drinking chocolate for you. It is easy to make and you'll get delicious results using whole milk, skim milk or even water.

a quick history of chocolate
Chocolate was consumed solely as a beverage by the Central and South Americans when the Spanish explorers came to the New World. For centuries after the Spanish brought it back to Europe it was still enjoyed solely as a beverage, and its use spread like wild fire.

It wasn't until the Dutch developed a process to remove the cocoa butter in the 18th Century - a cocoa bean is approximately 55% cocoa butter - and process the cocoa powder to make it recombine more easily with the cocoa butter and liquid that hot chocolate became easier to make.

why the history lesson?
Well we've come a long way since then, making drinking chocolate out of whole beans that is. Many grew up with their mom whisking Hershey's cocoa powder and sugar into hot milk.

We're not suggesting that you buy raw cocoa beans and start from there. We're suggesting the next best thing. For the last few years, many of us at have been chopping up our favorite dark chocolate bars, and adding them to steaming milk - melting chocolate combines more easily with liquid than cocoa powder does, and it has a smoother more satisfying mouth feel. The cardinal rule is: THE BETTER THE CHOCOLATE YOU START WITH; THE BETTER YOUR HOT CHOCOLATE WILL BE.

Now, chopping bars of chocolate is time consuming and tiring.

Fortunately, Essential Pantry has found a Grand Cru Couverture Chocolate - yes, couverture means plenty of cocoa butter (around 42%) for a great mouth feel - from Switzerland made with 100% Criollo beans - the primo variety of cocoa bean - from one of the top plantations in Venezuela.

This very dark chocolate has a cocoa content of 65% and a touch of vanilla, and it makes some of the best hot chocolate we've ever tasted.

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Swiss Grand Cru Drinking Chocolate - Dark

Swiss Grand Cru Drinking Chocolate - Dark
SKU:  4310
Price: $18.99 >

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