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Easter Ham

Chef's Pick

almond extract almond extract

mustard amazing maple
kozlik's mustard

cheese winter/early spring

sauer kraut saucerKraut
farmhouse culture

sumac sumac
key ingredient of zaatar

hot mustard double c mustard
Pretty much a perfect mustard. More than a smooth color. Just the right amount of interest with the touch of garlic. Heat with smoooothnesss!

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Italian Easter Colomba cake Italian Spring Cakes
Colomba is the Easter Panettone!

Shaped like a dove, it represents a symbol of innocence, gentleness, and affection. On the inside, it's the same cake as the panettone; the luscious bread made with lots of eggs, sugar, some flour, and a 60 plus year old starter yeast.

It will have been about 90 days since we last sank our teeth into a lemon panettone. And, it will be another 240 days until we can have another. These Colomba are from Albetango. If you want a Sorrento Lemon or a Classico, we will have them in time for the all important Easter weekend.

Though there is a rumor that Panettone will be available year round some day, that day has not arrived. So, we look forward to a bread shaped like a dove. For some reason I feel like eating the whole thing in one day … well, maybe a wing.

Just a little bit shorter or less lofty makes it a tiny bit denser and, some say, better than panettone! Let's face it, a cake that takes several days just to rise, than hangs upside down to cool, it's gotta be good!

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Berkshire Natural smoked bone in ham Easter Ham
Berkshire Natural Smoked Bone in Ham

There is nothing like a good ham. And, when you smoke it in applewood, with Rick's secret mix of coatings, you realize a ham-in-a-can, or one that has been "spiraled" (whatever that is,) you can tell that a good ham can be great!

Wine Spectator's Sam Gugino thought it was the "perfect balance". The smoke, the brine, none of it says, "look-at-me". What they do is bring out the best and make ham taste like ham. If anything "hams" it up, it's the ham itself!

Order today for delivery in time for Easter this year, which is 31st of March. Less than 40 days away.

How big are these hams? Many of our regulars ask for the smallest ones we get, 'cause they can't eat it all! One slice can be as big or bigger than a dinner plate. A leg of ham often leaves enough meat to make one of my first and all time favorite dishes from Julia Childs cookbook The Way to Cook. Try a variation of the classic recipe Potatoes au Gratin

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bone-in Heritage Ham!

Katz Chef's Pick Organic Olive Oil

olive oil
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2013 Organic Olive Oil
Mix a few olives and get Chef's Pick
A multiple Gold Medal winner in a world's olive oil competition with 18 countries and 500 entries, this is one happening oil!

A bright and shining star in the world of olive oil, close to home, and it is used in large quantities by Chefs in some of the finest restaurants. (We are not allowed to say whom) It is a great oil that is so versatile it is one of the few oils that spans all palates and is on the list if you could only have one oil on your dessert island.

With a peroxide value of 4.4 and a very low (0.14) acidity reading, this a true indication of the quality this organic olive oil.

At first nose you can smell the "grass" and there is a wonderful "tingle" too. Full of artichoke and bit of fennel. The color is much lighter than you would expect for an oil so "nose full"! The first mouthful coats the lips and remains. The oil dissipates in the mouth, vaporizing with the artichoke and less grass. Only on the third mouthful did I notice the grassiness on the flat of my tongue.

It took three "tastes" to prove to me thatthis oil just gently ghosts away, the only reminder that you just had the oil is by the tickle in the back of the throat that makes you cough. And, as I have come to like, just the ever so a slight bitterness on the edges of the tongue that is just right.

"Just right" is my feeling about this oil this year. A full nose, a gentle oil with a ton of flavor that can be just itself on plain pasta or in a salad. And, it can empower protein in a one pot dish or at the campfire drizzled over a freshly caught frog. This is one good oil! It just might be the best this year!

Shop now for Katz Organic Chef's Pick Olive Oil!

This March cheese, is right at the tail end of the winter and should be different than the Winter cheese from November. For some reason as the sun shows it's shiny face, it feels like pasta covered with new oil and grated cheese!

wheat soy
Light Soy

This more wheat than soy Soy Sauce is a hit. And it is back in stock!

soy sauce buy me

NEW Cooking Class!

Cooking Classes with Chef Erin - Cooking in the French Countryside Class
Some of France’s most famous food has its roots in rustic, regional fare. In this class you’ll learn how to make dishes that are typical of this French “country” style: unfussy and soul-satisfying. We’ll prepare a Pissaladiere Nicoise (onion tart with anchovies and olives); Daube Provencale (rich beef stew with tomatoes and orange essence); Ratatouille (sautéed onion, eggplant, tomato and red pepper); Salad Greens with Mustard Vinaigrette and Tarte Tatin with Crème Fraiche (open-faced apple tart with tangy cream sauce).

We are expecting some new foods to try and decide if we want to carry them. Help us try them out and let us know what you think.

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Ham & Leek Frittata Recipe

Split Pea and Ham Soup Recipe

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