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Solmielato Lemon Blossom Honey - Organic

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Solmielato Lemon Blossom Honey - Organic
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Solmielato Lemon Blossom Honey - Organic - 250 grams 8.8 ounces - Italy

Described as "sunshine in a jar", this pure lemon blossom honey will definitely turn rainy days into sunny ones. "Produced" in the lemon groves on the Tyrrhenian Coast of Calabria in May, Filippo's bees turn the sweet lemon nectar into a refreshingly zesty yet delicate honey, with a creamy texture that will melt in your mouth. Enjoy it on your favorite pasty, with vanilla ice cream, or in your cup of herbal tea.

About the Producer - Solmielato:
Since he was a child, Filippo Leonardi knew that his life would be dedicated to bees. At the age of twelve he began to take great interest in his father, Salvatore’s, activities in keeping bees and making honey. In 1977, Filippo decided to buy his first family of bees and start his own apiary and begin to perfect the processes of caring for honey bees and making quality honey.

In 1984, after receiving his accounting degree, Filippo took the big step of following in his father’s foot-steps, and established his own commercial beekeeping business. Over the following few years, Filippo invested in expanding his apiaries, perfecting his bee tending and honey making skills, building out his processing facilities, building relationships with local organic growers, and identifying the best and most pristine places in Italy to let his bees roam.

In 2000, Filippo took the steps necessary to officially certify his operation as organic. He felt it was the best choice not only for his customers and for the quality of his honey, but for his bees.

About Filippo's Bees:
Filippo is totally dedicated to the health and well-being of his bees. He is constantly working to keep his honey boxes in pristine condition, he is careful to keep the boxes at least 40 centimeters above the ground to minimize humidity and other unfavorable environmental factors, and always leaves enough honey in the hive to keep his bees well fed and well nourished.

Faithful to his bees and maintaining organic production, Filippo works to stay “tuned-in” to his bees and work in rhythm with his workers. He often delays or pairs-back production if he perceives that his bees are nervous or stressed. Additionally, Solmielato does not use any chemicals in its treatment or care of its bees, but uses multiple natural methods and applies them more frequently to keep the bees healthy.

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Solmielato Lemon Blossom Honey - Organic

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