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About the Kraut:
Kathryn Lukas discovered the unique and delisicous difference a natural, fermented saurekraut can make while running a restaurant in Stuttgart, Germany. Recognizing the world of difference in flavor and nutritional value between artisanal krauts and those that are industrially produced, she launched Farmhouse Culture to introduce a product that is both flavorful and environmentally conscious to her local community.

Kathryn uses only hand-picked ingredients, proper shredding of cabbage and a light hand with the salt combine to create the krauts’ unique flavor and texture. Understanding that properly made sauerkraut has a distinct terroir, she creates hers with local and seasonal ingredients. What grows on the Central Coast goes into the krauts, yielding flavors like Classic Caraway; Smoked Jalapeno; Horseradish Leek; Apple Fennel; and Garlic Dill Pickle. Looking at what was regionally abundant locally, and based my recipes around what the nearby farms offered. Now she know every farmer who grows each head of cabbage that goes into her jars.

The krauts start with organic green cabbage, which naturally has a lower sugar content than white, and sea salt harvested from solar evaporation ponds off the Sonoma coast. The cabbage is then shredded to the correct size needed to ensure proper salt saturation and good crunch. Farmhouse Culture’s salt ratio, 1.5% (1.5 pounds of salt to every 100 pounds of cabbage), is low compared to the commercial standard of 2-3%, so depth of flavor comes from proper fermentation time (three weeks), instead of extra sodium.

Healthful and Practical
In addition to delicious flavos, krauts have significant health benefits. Because they are raw, all pro-biotic enzymes produced during fermentation remain intact. High in fiber, krauts also have upwards of 80 healthful bacteria that aid in digestion and high volumes of vitamin C. The significant zinc content in kraut juice is purported to be the reason behind its reputation as a natural virility booster. Additionaly, fermentation is an energy-efficient method for food preservation, requiring no fuel – just a barrel and a little salt. And krauts don’t require refrigeration – just a cool, dark storage space where they can keep in their containers for literally years.

About Farmhouse Culture
Farmhouse Culture founder Kathryn Lukas will be the first to tell you: She's obsessed with kraut! Her interest (and appetite) was first piqued in Germany, where she was the chef-owner of a popular neighborhood restaurant in Stuttgart for several years.

Living in Groveland and Santa Cruz, Kathryn found herself inspired by the bounty of the surrounding landscapes--and longing to create a sustainable, hands-on business. During a writing sabbatical in the Sierra Nevada Foothills, she remembered the fantastic krauts she'd loved in Germany, and began digging into kraut lore, legend, and history.

Before long, she had explored fermenting traditions from around the world and started developing her own recipes. Soon her kitchen counters were lined with crocks, and friends and neighbors were clamoring for kraut.

note about hot-weather shipping:
Although fermented unrefrigerated and is relatively stable, Sauerkraut is considered refrigerated product because it does not like extreme heat or to be unrefrigerated for extended periods of time. That is why the Kraut is shipped via 2-day air outside of California, and is shipped with ice. However, if you live in an extremely hot area (like New Mexico, or the South, or the East Coast during the summer) or if you get your UPS delivery very late in the day, or both, you must upgrade to overnight shipping on your Kraut order. Please call to get the shipping surcharge or send us a note when you order, and we can let you know.

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