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Pecou River Rock Candy

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Pecou River Rock Candy
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Pecou River Rock Candy - 160 gram box - France

The magic of Maison Pecou. An assortment of what looks like river rocks -- but that are actually an assortment of wonderful sweets covered in sugar, and colored to look like rocks. Reminds me of my childhood!

Sugar coated dried apricots, chocolate covered roasted almonds, chocolate covered almond paste, and sugar coated chocolate. you never sure which one you are going to get -- although it will always be good.

About Maison Pecou
Founded in 1880 by Ernest Pecou, Maison Pecou has been making magical, whimsical and just plain delicious chocolates and candies for over 100 years. Five generations of french confectioners, if you use dragees to decorate you cupcakes, chances are they are made by Maison Pecou. They specialize in sugar coated almonds - also called "Jordan Almonds". Although, in my experience, 10 times better than the average jordan almond found here in the US.

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