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Red Pepper Salt - Morocco

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Red Pepper Salt - Morocco
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1/2 pound 8 oz - 226 grams -Morocco

On any given day when he is not in Morocco conjuring up new recipes or delicious Moroccan specialties, our neighbor, Mustapha Haddouch, might sticks his head in our big roll up door to say, "Hello." This past week he has been visiting more than usual. After many months in Morocco building his new factory, he is happy to be home in Seattle, and he is definitely excited about all his new product ideas!

We talked about the usual - hand-rolled Moroccan couscous from pinhead size to the size of marbles, the status of his famous Harissa (currently on its way from Morocco), and his favorite Moroccan spices such as Piment Forte (so important to Harissa and Moroccan food!) And as we chatted he suddenly got up and disappeared saying over his shoulder," I have something for you …"

And that was when we first met Red Pepper Salt.

Mustapha smiled as he explained how he had ground Piment Forte, salt (Moroccan Fleur de Sel), and Poivron Rouge together - as opposed to simply mixing it. That's where that rich red color comes from, and why this salt is so flavorful and luscious. With the salt crystals coated and blended in the two spices, the flavor seems to penetrate the salt not just sit on the surface. And the taste is, well, salty.

We immediately tested the Red Pepper Salt on bite sized chicken pieces in the warehouse. Simple and easy. A treat. Spicy, with a pleasant not to hot taste with no lingering finish in the mouth. Perfect for Chicken, pork, and many cuts of beef. A spicy addition to vegetables and hot pots.

See our recipe and the testing pictures below …..

Fleur De Sel (Morocco), Piment Forte, Poviron Rouge


Salt and Pepper Chicken

1) 1 large chicken breasts or equivalent amount of chicken, boned

2) Olive oil, Moroccan is ideal or any smooth oil

3) 1 tablespoons of Red Pepper Salt (more or less)

4) 1/4 stick of butter

Cut the chicken into bite size pieces,
place in a mixing bowl and coat with olive oil.

Add the red pepper salt to coat and turn red (careful it is a salt!)

In an oven proof skillet heat on high, melt butter

and olive oil
And add the chicken turning when the color turns to brown.

A couple of minutes per side, depending on how hot your pan is.

Finish in the oven (300°) to allow the moisture to evenly distribute with in the the meat for 10 to 12 minutes.

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