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1 Commercial Espresso Machine for Catering and Home Use - Italy
ground shipping included This is a made-to-order item in Italy.

Having a real Italian espresso is pretty tough to find, even in coffee-centric Seattle. Some of the “sweet fruity” roasts, or “burnt” beans just doesn’t make a good espresso, and asking for a shot is often received with a shocked look. Getting an espresso in a paper cup just doesn't cut it!

At our shop we serve espresso and steamed coffee. We use an Italian coffee roasted beans. The RDL Italia Espresso machine is the real deal and it makes a real coffee espresso, if you want. And it taste just right. With innards to match full size commercial machines, the RDL can “pull” as many shots as you need without stopping. This is the real deal for your own espresso!!

Whether your desires is for a shot or a Venti, sugar-free, non-fat, vanilla soy, double shot, decaf, no foam, extra hot, Peppermint White Chocolate Mocha with light whip and extra syrup, this machine can pull them all day and night long!

Features and Specifications:
Coffee machine with one coffee pod unit
5-liter tank with double softener
brass heat exchanger
15-bar vibrating pump for each single coffee unit

On / Off, coffee, and steam light
Painted metal sheet frame with front and covers of polished stainless steel
Steam pipe with swivel and hot water pipe
Steam heat exchanger with automatic pump micro
Safety thermostats for brew and steam unit
Safety thermostat on the coffee groups and thermal fuse for steam heat exchanger
Large drip tray of easy removal and cleaning
3 way solenoid valve for coffee and hot water functions.
Steam and hot water faucets with stainless steel nozzles, hot water with jet break
1.2 l copper boiler for steam and hot water, with independent 15 bar independent
Electronic boiler water level control, with stainless steel probe
Mechanical safety valve
Boiler pressure switch with pressure gauge
Voltage: 240V/50Hz – 110V/60Hz
Power Max 2.200W – 2.700 W

Price includes:
1. 25 espresso pods, and 10 decaf espresso pods from Miscela d'Oro - premium Italian coffee producer.

2. Two very cute Miscela d'Oro espresso cups and saucers.
<br > 3. Included Ground Shipping to the lower 48 and a little more for Hawaii and Alaska
<br > 4. And for our local Seattle customers only. One hour consulting session with Tony (The Espresso Man) Chiodo, to teach you how to set up, use and maintain your new commercial espresso machine. Session conducted at ChefShop.com's retail store. First annual "tune-up" included. Tony will check the machine for issues, and repair any problems. (Parts not included. $80.00 value.)

This is available