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Porcelana -Bonnat Apotequil  -75% bar

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Porcelana -Bonnat Apotequil -75% bar
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100 gr bar - Voiron, France -Porcelana

"This Porcelana type cocoa is harvested in Peru. Very close to the original Porcelana from Venezuela, it probably came to the area thanks to the commercial trade among the pre-Columbian civilizations. The chocolate produced from these beans is not only a rarity, but it brings gustatory sensations so complete as to be hardly ever encountered. A very large palette of fragrances and flavors will be revealed as the tasting progresses, from floral sweetness to powerful Peruvian earthiness." - Bonnat

Bonnat explains that true Porcelana cocoa is present only in Venezuela but trees have been exported to Peru and Mexcio over centuries, where these have evolved as Porcelana related varieties, with many of the same features, but character all their own.

Long neglected for its strange appearance (olive shaped and pale,) lack of reliable quality, and difficulty in processing to bring out its full taste spectrum. In the past, the Porcelana tress were frequently pulled and destroyed due to their difficult handling properties and poor yeild. Also, when the Porcelana tress dies, they were ofter replaced with hardier varieties. But the quality of chocolate is unmistakable.

About the Producer
Ce qui fait du bien au palais ne fait pas de mal à l'âme.

~That which pleases the palate does no harm to the soul.~

This family saying, a favorite for over 100 years, perfectly embodies the spirit of Bonnat. Bonnat (pronounced boh-NAH) is an astonishing fourth-generation, family-run chocolate and pastry establishment in Voiron, France, a small town near Grenoble, not far from the French alps.

Bonnat et Chocolat

Established in 1874 by the great-grandfather of the current master chocolatier, Stéphane Bonnat, Bonnat is an exceptional chocolatier. They have produced bean-to-bar chocolate from their establishment in 1884, and they have not stopped.

Today, they are one of only five chocolate-makers in France to do so - that is, to purchase raw cacao beans and grind, roast, and blend them into chocolate. (The vast majority of chocolate makers purchase their base chocolate, or couverture, already made.)

Bonnat has also been a pioneer of single-origin chocolates. While most chocolate is made from a blend of beans from many different places, single-origin chocolate consists of just one kind of bean from one country or plantation, thus highlighting the flavor notes of that particular bean and its terroir - the specific nuances stemming from the location where it's grown - and allowing the differences in beans to shine through, just as with fine wine. Today, more and more establishments are hopping onto the single-origin bandwagon, but Bonnat was at the forefront.

Many small-town factories have relocated to the industrial outskirts in recent years, but not Bonnat. Still located right in the center of Voiron, across from the cathedral (pictured on the Bonnat label), Bonnat has not only retained and expanded its original location, but it has also grown successfully into modernity without losing one bit of its commitment to authenticity and best practices. Madame Bonnat, Stéphane's mother, who worked together with her late husband to grow the business for many years, remains very involved, as are two of Stéphane's sisters, Flavie and Cécile.

Ingredients: Cocoa, Cocoa Butter, Sugar

KF Parve (Kosher)

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