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Pink Champagne Biscuits

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Pink Champagne Biscuits
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Pink Champagne Biscuits - 175 gr (Box of) - Reims, France

The Pink Champagne Biscuit was born 250 years ago in the city of Reims, in France's Champagne region. Since then, the biscuits roses have been made strictly according to the traditional recipe. They have a unique texture, airy but crunchy, a light rose color (naturally derived!) and a delicate flavor. A dusting of delicate icing powder completes the cookies. The Biscuit Rose tradition is to dunk one in a glass of Champagne - they were specially created to be the ideal complement to Champagne!

About Fossier
Founded in the heart of the Champagne region in 1756 - the reign of Louis XV, and a time of celebrating the art of good living (at least for the nobility!) - the bakery that became Fossier has built its reputation on quality - and on Champagne. In a region where Champagne has the place of honor at every possible celebration, Fossier has built its business around creating accompaniments for bubbly. Sandrine at Fossier explains that the company's signature biscuits roses, or pink cookies, are specially formulated to complement the flavors of Champagne without interfering with the drink's flavors; also, they absorb liquid without disintegrating. They're also delicious dunked in coffee, tea or hot chocolate.

In 2005, Fossier moved into a brand-new facility in its hometown of Reims; the company very skillfully combines artisan methods and a small-business feel with modern techniques - plus plenty of their signature pink color! There are assembly lines, but production is far from automated - women workers (yes, always women!) participate in every aspect of the process, including individually placing each square of chocolate for Fossier's sandwich cookies.


sugar, wheat flower, eggs (29%), egg whites (5%), Natural coloring: cochineal, raising agent (ammonium hydrogen carbonate), natural flavoring vanilla


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