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apricots pickled

twisted pasta

healthy fat

olive oil olive oil
from umbria

olive oil olive oil
from sicily

split peas non-gmo green split peas
palouse, washington

rockwell beans heirloom bean
whidbey island

muscovado muscovado sugar

pink clams clams in a can
Pink clams, clams of all kinds, all in cans. It's like candy from the sea. Perfect for the lunch bag or the glove box!

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boat street pickled apricots Perfect for protein and cheese!
from the Chef of The Walrus and the Carpenter

"Pickled" is a good word to some, and not so much to others. What we like about Chef Renee's pickled toppings is that they are complex, have tons of personality, and best of all, they play well with others - other foods that is. When you top a luscious goat cheese or a fabulous giant mushroom, Boat Street's "Pickles" inspires you to play!

Pickled Apricots is new and just might be my new found favorite of all her pickles. Open the jar and, with a good whiff, you get the twinge of vinegar and the cumin wafts through your senses. But don't be alarmed, it's not all cumin. In fact, the apricot is the main texture and taste, and the cumin is just a wrap-around. Now mind you, this is "straight" up off the spoon.

Add this to a nice cured meat and cheese or top an elegantly presented chicken, and the flavors meld into every bite. It's like magic when you add it to things, and it becomes part of the dish, not just an ingredient, not just flavoring as an afterthought. It is an essential food!

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trofie pasta sapori di napoli The shape of pasta to come
Twisty Trofie

We're especially fond of these short, twisty trofie. Ideally shaped for holding sauce, the trofie are a classic pasta shape from the Ligurian region, along Italy's northwest coastline. There, in the city of Genoa and throughout the region, they're most often served with pungent Genovese basil pesto.

Made from just two ingredients -- hard durum wheat flour and water -- the dough is hand rolled into 2 1/2-inch long pieces that are thick in the middle and thin on the ends. They plump when cooked to almost three times their size, so this packet will easily feed 3 to 4 hungry people.

Serving ideas for an authentic meal, toss trofie and your favorite pesto with small cubes of peeled, boiled potato and tender, young green beans. The pasta should be cooked al dente for optimal texture. Fresh and filled with the fragrance of basil, this dish is best made with a lighter flavored olive oil, ideally one from Liguria!

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mangalitsa pig lard - the healthy fat

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Half the fat level of coconut oil.
Lard is a good fat.

Lard and it's fat profile are quite impressive. Half the level of saturated fat compared to palm kernel oil and the much touted coconut oil, and about 33% less fat than butter! Lard has 40% saturated fat and olive oil has 13%.

It's good to know the fats you are dealing with. But it's better to eat them. Frying, making beans, or baking apple pie, lard does awesome things to your taste buds. Even though it's a little too much, I cook my peppered bacon in a shallow pool of lard, pull them when they are done, and drop two eggs in the mix. All the while toasting up some classic white bread for a sandwich. If that's not enough, cook a ham-lamb-burger first and then add the bacon and eggs, and you got one heart stopping delish dish!

A tub of lard might seem like a lot, and it is. But scoop what you might use over a month for storage in the refrigerator and freeze the rest in the original container. It's that easy! An ice scream scoop is the easiest way to get a handle on proportions.

The refiner now labels the lard with their name and "certified" USDA label.

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  balsamic vinegar
Balsamic Vinegar
Pulled from the battery of barrels, mid-stride, unlike so many "balsamic vinegars", what is contained in here, is the most sophisticated every-day condiment. Compared to others which might have three "notes", this San Giacomo hits five notes that sing in your mouth!

medjool dates
Valentine's Day ...

… is coming soon. Did you know it takes fifty females to one male on an acre of land to produce two hundred pounds of dates? The king of dates are nature's treat that are sweet and they keep. A good source of vitamins.

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