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Pianogrillo Olio Novello

Pianogrillo Olio Novello
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Pre-order for 2014 Harvest. Late Fall or Winter Delivery
please note there was no "new oil" in 2013-14. Let's hope for a recovery of the trees!

Pianogrillo Olio Novello - 500 ml - This is 2012 harvest (2013) - Sicily, Italy

Chosen by Food & Wine as one of the best gifts! Every year, this is one of our very favorite Olio Nuovo oils!

Pianogrillo is always one of our favorite olive oils. Big, green and spicy and flown in from Sicily for you to do a little celebrating of your own.

2012 Tasting Notes:
Sipping Pianogrillo Olio Nuovo 2012 for the very first time involves a big flavor that enters your mouth in a wonderful cloud of olive. A buttery soft feel follows and then what's really fun is how it vaporizes and disappears from the mouth almost instantly.

Depending on the volume sipped, long after the oil has disappeared, a slight burning sensation will follow in the back of the throat.

The smooth buttery feel on the tip of the tongue and center of the tongue along with the quick dissipation of the oil is quite fun. If you like to drink your oil this may be the very best all around choice for the year.

2011 Tasting Notes:
Coming soon!

2010 Tasting Notes:
Wow! The Pianogrillo 2010 new oil is amazing this year. A new oil not to be missed. Green, grassy, and peppery. Similar to 2008, which was an excellent year. This oil is always full of flavor, with a nice peppery finish. It is our go-to oil year round, and the Olio Nuovo is always great. Last year's milder flavor has been replaced with the full mouth flavor. Almost buttery, dissolving into a hint of olive, and then a pepper finish in the back of the throat. This is always an oil to have.

As always with the new oils, LIMITED QUANTITIES

About Pianogrillo Olio Novello
Big and green on the nose - the aroma jumps out of the bottle and permeates the room - with a bold but delightful flavor of green olive and green vegetable. The finish is smooth on the palate but with a wallop of pepper on the back of the throat that pleasantly lingers - this oil is truly not to be missed.

About the Producer
The Pianogrillo farm is situated in Chiaramonte Gulfi, a district of Ragusa, in Eastern Sicily. This farm stretches over 50 hectares in the heart of the Iblei Mountains. The Pianogrillo farm has belonged to the Piccione family for centuries. Lorenzo Piccione has turned the old estate into the modern Pianogrillo farm, thanks to his passion and love for nature and for his land.

The Pianogrillo farm is organic in respect to the EEC rules. Chemical manipulations and pesticides aren't allowed. The olive grove is cultivated using natural products and simple agricultural techniques. The average height of the olive grove is about 350 meters above sea level, and at this height the olive fly is rare and easily controlled.

Most of the olive trees belong to several species: cultivar "Tonda Iblea" (or "Cetrale"), and cultivar "Moresca". There are also "Nocellara messinese" and, recently, a new olive grove of "Carolea" for pollination.

The olive harvesting for Pianogrillo generally begins in October and ends in December. Each olive is picked by hand, one by one, directly from the olive tree branches. The pressing is done in the oil mill "Alfa Laval" on the Pianogrillo farm within 12 hours of harvesting.

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