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Paprika Sweet - Hungary

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Paprika Sweet - Hungary
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The name "paprika" is Hungarian. In March, the pepper seeds are put in water to germinate, then transferred to greenhouse beds. Seven weeks later, in May, the small pepper shrubs are re-planted in the open fields. Harvesting starts at the end of the first week in September and lasts for about a month, depending on weather conditions. By harvest time, the mature plants will have grown to a height of sixteen to twenty-four inches. And the pepper pods--three to five inches long and about one to one and a half inches wide--will have ripened from green or yellow to bright red.

Paprika powder is obtained by the grinding of pods from the dried sweet red peppers Capsicum Annum. Only the highest quality, ripe, intensely colored pods are used to make paprika. Such pods have the highest content of carotenoids such as capsanthin, capsorubin, carotene, criptoxanthin, and zeaxanthin and xantophyll in traces. Several grindings are necessary to achieve the correct powder texture. This aromatic powder is deep red to red-orange in color; its flavor is mildly sweet and non pungent. Our Hungarian paprika is graded at ASTA 160 the highest color classification available.

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