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Olive OilsOlive Oils
Olive oils from north of the equator are harvested in November and December. Olives are harvested and crushed, and then naturally filtered through screens of mesh. The oil is then stored, most often in big tanks of stainless steel, resting for a few weeks to a few months before bottling. This allows additional sediment to settle out. We usually carry only the most recent harvest available. Because the olives are harvested at the end of the calendar year, the harvest designated is always the year before (ie Nov, Dec) and is listed this way. Having an oil designated as the "current year" is incorrect and not possible, unless with oil is from south of the equator, or if you are purchasing a Novello in December.
Infused OilsInfused Olive Oils
Olive oils infused with fruit, truffles, herbs and spices. You see this all the time in the store. Some are good and some are not. Often these are created using last years oils, they have less flavor and, well they are leftovers. The fruit oils we have are in fact truly infused. Where the fruit is incorporated into the crushing of the olives, not juice added and stirred in like so many out there. This crushing together makes for olive oil that is bonded together in a harmony of flavors to enhance and exemplify any dish.
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