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Nicolas Alziari Olive Oil
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Nicolas Alziari Olive Oil - 500 ml - 2013 Harvest - Provence, France

You've probably eaten Niçoise olives before - you know those little black things scattered about that Niçoise Salad. More than likely, however, the salad was not made with Niçoise olive oil since it is a rarity on these shores.

The silky golden oil of this little black olive - technically known as the callietier variety - is highly prized in the South of France, and points beyond. We have secured a shipment of some of the best. Rarely seen outside of Nice, Nicolas Alziari's golden oil is a must for true olive oil aficionado.

the taste
The oil is light and buttery with the full flavor of ripe olives and a silky smooth finish. It is one of our most versatile oils, just as good for making salads as it is for finishing a prepared dish.

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