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Natural Bone-In Smoked Heritage Berkshire Ham - Thanksgiving

Natural Bone-In Smoked Heritage Berkshire Ham - Thanksgiving
Product Code: 5019
Reg. Price: $239.00
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Natural Bone-in Heritage Ham for Thanksgiving - 15-20 lbs - Price varies depending on size.
Current price based on an average ham weight of 16-18 pounds. We will adjust your price at the time of shipping if your ham is smaller than 16 pounds or greater than 18 pounds by $10.00/pound.)

**Order your Ham now for Thanksgiving**

Expedited shipping included in price.

*Special-Order Item for Thanksgiving Delivery only - Limited Quantities Available*

Kudos for our ham...!
"Seattle's A&J Meats...makes the best baked ham I've ever eaten. A&J uses Berkshire pigs, one of the most highly regarded of the heritage breeds."... "The pork flavor and smokiness (also from apple wood and done to order) in the A&J ham were in perfect balance. Just as important, the moist meat still tasted great the next day--and the next and the next." --Sam Gugino in Wine Spectator

Please note: Rick at A&J Meats has requested that mail order customers order through only. Please do not contact him directly.

About the smoking
This wonderful, smoked-to-order, whole leg of ham is prepared the old-fashioned way. Cured in a secret-recipe salt and sugar brine, the Berkshire ham is then smoked with famed Washington State applewood. It's never too smoky and just lightly salted, with a hint of sweetness - the perfect main course for your favorite gathering! Rick at A&J's uses an old family recipe -- and scrimps at nothing. Other hams will just never taste the same after you have had one of Rick's Heritage Smoked Hams!

About the Ham
These hams come from naturally raised, heritage Berkshire pork on a small farm in eastern Oregon, fed a natural diet of barley, important for the color, texture, and taste of the meat. Berkshire is a very flavorful breed heritage breed of pig, often considered to be the best breed. The leg is handled in the old-fashioned way - the "aitch" and shank bones are removed, leaving only the leg bone to keep the ham together. This gives you a greater yield - more ham on the plate.

------- Shipping and Ordering Details ------------

1. Thanksgiving hams will be shipped on Monday for delivery before Thanksgiving Day. IF YOU ARE ORDERING FOR CHRISTMAS OR OTHER TIMES OF THE YEAR, PLEASE SEE OTHER PRODUCT CODES (5103 and 5025) FOR MORE INFORMATION.

2. We do not have control over the size of the hams we receive from A&J. SIze is very dependent on when during the year the ham is ordered. Generally, the later in the year, the bigger the hams...

3. To Pre-Order: Thanksgiving Ham availability is very limited. You must pre-order your Thanksgiving Ham by November 17. 2010. However, we may sell out of Thanksgiving Hams long before the order cut-off date.

Less than 10 Days in Advance...: Although we recommend pre-ordering, each week we may have a limited number of hams on hand. Feel free to call to see if we have one available in less than a week.

4. Ham will ship packed with ice and wrapped in an insulated foil bag.

------- Storage and Reheating Instructions ------------

Enjoy your already-cooked ham hot or cold, but we recommend heating it before you serve it, as heating helps release the ham's natural juices.

Keep ham refrigerated until you are ready to prepare it (Please do not store the ham in the refrigerator for more than a week.) Remember, the ham has no preservatives and it has already been cooked.

To reheat, completely cover the ham in aluminum foil and place in a 300 degree oven. Heat for about 2-4 hours, or until the ham's internal temperature reaches 140 to 150 degrees on your meat thermometer. The idea is to heat the ham, but not to cook it.

Keep in mind that you are just heating the ham, not cooking it.

Freezing the whole ham is not recommended, as it adversely affects its texture and flavor. Small chunks or cubes of meat, however, may be frozen for several months to be used in soups, stews etc. - a great use for leftovers!

Check out our Split Pea Soup recipe

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