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Moulin de la Tour Hazelnut Oil

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Moulin de la Tour Hazelnut Oil
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Huile de Noisette - 250 ml - Moulin du Val - Hazelnut Oil - France
Moulin de la Tour vegetale pour assaisonnement

The warm, richly distinctive flavor of hazelnuts is captured perfectly in this oil from the Périgord region of France.

As you may know, hazelnut has a distinct smell, but hard to describe. Breathing in with your nose over the mouth of the can, you get this hazelnut oily smell. It is quite unusual in that it wafts cleanly without any hint of the very light toasting the nuts get before pressing. To the tongue and mouth, it has a bit of a bitterness or edge to it. Though not disturbing or off putting, it in fact adds a nice edge or border to the flavor. Not in-your-face taste, the very quiet way of this oil is wonderful!

Although they make divine vinaigrettes, after tasting, you'll want to use nut oils as the French do - to add new layers of complexity to a wide variety of dishes. Walnut and hazelnut oils are especially good when you pair it with lighter acids such as lemon juice or verjus, or smaller than normal amounts of champagne or sherry vinegar.

These oils are much more flavorful than normal salad oils, so you need less to dress a salad.

Nut oils are generally considered flavoring oils, not cooking oils - they have a relatively low smoke point and heat alters their flavor.

Located in Saint Nathalène, the mill of Moulin de la Tour produces unrefined nut oils in the most traditional of ways from walnuts, hazelnuts, and almonds of excellent quality.

The Périgord region has a temperate climate, though summers are hot and dry. Picturesque river valleys support a rich variety of local agricultural produce. Particularly famous are black truffles, foie-gras, and walnuts. But they also grow amazing hazelnuts.

The stone nut-mill of Moulin de la Tour is powered by a water wheel turning a drive shaft connected to the three machines involved. The shelled nuts are loaded into the grinding trough in small batches. Nut flour used to be a staple of the region, but is now used almost exclusively as animal feed, although delicious walnut cakes are still available at some shops and markets.

The mill is still a community resource in much the same way it would have been in centuries past; anyone can bring in a pile of nuts to be processed, paying either in cash or in kind, by leaving 20% of their oil for the mill to sell. Tenth-century peasants paid off their debts with the nuts; 11th-century peasants were expected to tithe walnuts to the church; 13th-century merchants considered walnut oil as precious as gold.

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