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Maui Ribs

Maui Ribs

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maui ribs
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5 pounds of Ricks Ribs -- ready for the grill! Serves 6 adults as a main dish
Expedited shipping included in the price.

Positively perfection that you can store for easy dinner plans in the freezer!! Buy more to store and always be ready!!

Meet Maui Ribs -- the perfect treat for the rib lover! Quick to prepare on the grill, these succulent, meaty ribs make for a gourmet dinner at home or an impressive offering to share with friends. Bring them to your favorite summer barbecue!

Our Maui Ribs were chosen as a top pick for holiday food gifts by Food & Wine Magazine.

They are available only from our neighborhood butcher, Rick at A&J Meats - and, of course, from

Rick, A&J Meats' master butcher who brought us the New York Times' favorite naturally-raised smoked turkeys and hams, purchased the recipe for these delicious ribs in Hawaii -- and they have been a major part of our summer grilling ever since.

These strips of naturally raised, grain-finished beef morsels from beautiful Eastern Oregon and Eastern Washington are marinated in Rick's special marinade and, when grilled, they have just the right balance of sweet to salty and fat to lean -- incredibly yummy. That's why Rick keeps the recipe a secret! They are positively addictive; like potato chips, it's impossible to eat just one (or two, for that matter).

Cooking Information
Grilling the ribs caramelizes the marinade-coated exterior and gives them their signature crispy-salty-sweet appeal. Grill them for 2 to 4 minutes per side.

The rich flavorful marinade brings this succulent cut of meat to a new level. These ribs have a higher meat-to-bone ratio than typical barbecued ribs, and that means a lot more good eating.

About Short Ribs
The short plate is the portion of the steer just below the rib primal - ribeye steaks and prime rib - and it is the source of "short ribs." These are rectangular sandwiches of richly flavored meat and bone interlaced with just the right amount of fat. Short ribs are taken from the sixth through tenth ribs. They're typically cut into portions about 3 inches thick across three bones, and they are usually slowly braised or barbecued low and slow.

But this traditional cut is too big to cook on a grill and emerge tender. So, these Ricks Ribs have been cut thin - 1/4 to 3/8-inch thick - and marinated, resulting in an unbelievably juicy and flavorful grilling experience. This, of course, is the appeal of Ricks Ribs.

Important Ordering Information
* This is a 5-lb package, with 5 to 6 ribs per pound. Click on the picture to see a larger image.

* The price includes expedited shipping. Note that a high percentage of the cost is shipping.

* Any non-Rib items in your order will be shipped via your chosen shipping method at the specified shipping charge, and may be shipped separately.

* We typically ship Ricks Ribs on Tuesday or Wednesday for arrival on Wednesday or Thursday.

* Because these ribs are made-to-order fresh when you order them, it can take up to six days before they're ready to ship.

* We ship all orders as soon as we are able, unless we receive other instructions from you.

Ribs are shipped frozen.



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by Daun
on 6/30/2013
I will keep ordering these ribs....they are the best.  Cook only 2 to 4 minutes and you will have the best tasting, tender, juiciest Maui ribs!  Be careful, they are highly addictive!

Keep up the great job A&J Meats!
by glayton
on 12/1/2010
Like Meat Candy
AMAZING. We ate these for Christmas dinner last year. They are addictive when grilled--so carmelized and tasty. It's always a treat to have these.
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