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Katz Range Wildflower Honey

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Katz Range Wildflower Honey
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Katz Range Wildflower Honey - 17 OZ - Napa, California

Bees produce honey from the nectar of blooming plants, but the nectar produced by one flower will be all together different than the nectar produced by another flower.

Albert and Kim Katz's mission is to seek out distinctive California flora which produce unique nectar and that have the qualities in aroma, taste, texture and color reflective of their particular species of flower. They currently make four varieties of mono-floral honeys using nectar found around the rich and diverse terrain of California: Raspberry Flower, Citrus Blossom, Black Button Sage, and Wild Blackberry - all collected, along with their new spring Wildflower honey, in the lower Sierra foothills.

All of Katz's honeys are gathered directly from the hives and bottled unpasteurized, thus maintaining the live enzymes and multitude of health benefits associated with honey - often lost in traditional commercial honey due to overheating to minimize crystallization.

Their wildflower honey is light amber with an almost “creamy” texture. This honey's nectar is gathered from distinct flora in and around the California Sierra foothills. It has pleasant herbal flavor with grassy overtones and a slightly tangy finish. It is “brambly” in flavor, from the multitude of flora available in the Spring, including fruit trees, wild berries, sweet clover, star thistle and more!

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