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All Beef Franks

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All Beef Franks
Product Code: 5010
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5 pounds of All Beef Franks - About 15 Franks

Your basic hot dog is smaller, shorter, narrower and lighter. These All Beef Franks average between 1/4 to 1/3 of a pound!

all beef franks Frank'ly -
Not all dogs are created equal.
All Beef, no fillers, no msg

The other day, I went to the butcher to pick up the usual, chicken for one child, beef wieners for the other. The all beef wieners, as you can see in the picture, are long (almost twice as long as a typical kosher dog) and are a standard for us.

One of my favorite moments is the brief break in the day when I say “hello” to the Wine and Fish merchants and to see what’s up with Rick the butcher. I never know what new (or sometimes old) treat Rick is working on. On this day, he casually throws in something to try.

A hot dog. Actually, a beef frank. Now, that may not sound too special, and it didn’t to me. I said "what’s special?" And, I have had this before ... Rick said, "it's new, I haven’t made it in years." And, he added, “don’t burn it”. (Which I have a liking to do)

I responded “How am I going to burn it? I just boil it." Which got a chorus of “Don’t boil it!!” from the staff. “Grill it or bake it in the oven for 15 minutes”, was the response.

So that is what I did, and though I had been testing and eating all day and was far from hungry, when frank was ready, so was I. And, it was awesome! 1/3 of a pound of lean ground beef and a secret mix of spices, I ate the whole thing. Proof that not all dogs have the same bark or bite!

Actually, I might have cooked it a little long ... but it was still good even after I got done with it.....

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