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Honey Creme Fraiche Recipe

Honey Creme Fraiche Recipe
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Honey Creme Fraiche

This sweet topper is so versatile, we decided to finally break it out as it's own recipe. Originally served on top of grilled peaches, it works just as great on top of a bowl of fresh berries or stone fruit, or as a sweet dipper for fresh strawberries. Basically, any place you want something to replace whipped cream. Heavier and richer -- but so much better.... If you can't find creme fraiche, you can use sour cream. I prefer the European style sour cream, but the runnier American style works fine as well. If too solid, then you can always thin it a little with a teaspoon or two of milk (or apple juice...)

Any delicious raw honey would work. If you are working with a solid honey, just heat up the honey a tad before mixing into the creme fraiche. But, don't heat up the honey too much, or it won't be raw any more.

2 cups creme fraiche - or sour cream if not available
2 tablespoons raw honey - lavender works, but any herbaceous honey like rosemary or manuka honey also work. If the honey is solid, you should warm it in warm water until it is runny.
fresh mint sprigs - washed - for garnish

1. Place creme fraiche in a mixing bowl, and slowly add honey - until sweetness comes through. You don't want to add so much honey that it complete coves-up the tangyness of the creme fraiche.

2. Place fresh or freshly grilled fruit on plate, top with a scoop of honey creme fraiche, garnish with a mint sprig, and serve warm.

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