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This is a classic Indian chutney. It is bursting with the contrasting flavors of sweet mango and hot red chile - apples and oinions add to the texture while white wine vinegar gives it a tang and ginger and cinnamon give it a perky spicyness. Hot, but not too hot, this handmade chutney is great for curries, but it is also perfect for you burgers, dogs, and any other grilled meat you can think of.

Kitchen Garden Preserves was founded in 1989 in a Gloucestershire cottage by Barbara Moinet. At the time she was looking for a productive way to use her time whilst bringing up two small children. With family recipes and a keen palate Barbara and her husband Robin, have grown this handmade business. She now supplies top quality independent retailers and Farm Shops throughout the United Kingdom. Kitchen Garden Preserves' products are handmade in small batches with all natural ingredients.

Their preserves and chutneys are created using a traditional open pan method. Despite pressure over the years to adopt more commercial production methods, she has always believed that cooking preserves in open pans produces a better product.

Barbara also uses only fresh, fresh frozen or naturally dried ingredients and she has resisted the temptation to cut corners by using tinned, concentrated or pulped fruit and vegetables, thereby retaining taste and texture. They source locally as much as possible, doing their small bit to support local farmers and cutting back on food miles. They add no artificial colorings, flavorings or preservatives to their products. They do not even add extra pectin to their jams - pectin is the naturally occurring substance in some fruit which helps jam to set - relying on the pectin present in the particular fruit we are using. This means that some jams where the fruit is low in pectin have a soft set, and we find many people prefer this.

These products convey an old fashioned, home made flavor and texture that we have seldom come across in "store bought" preserves.

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