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Organic Garlic Sampler
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To Ship in September
Grown on Widbey Island, Washington, near Seattle.

Can't decide what variety of garlic to order? Let us decide for you.
Very Limited quantities. Scheduled to ship mid to late September.
Click here to see pictures from the farm!

Can't decide which variety to order? Try 4 different varieties - all in one sampler. Then you can decide which ones you like best... Varities sent will depend on what is available in stock when you place your order.

About Hard-Neck Garlic:
Georgie's garlic is nothing like the stuff you find at the grocery store. Grocery buyers purchase and store "soft neck" variety garlic in enormous quantities. It has the longest shelf life (convenient and economical for the store) but it is the hardest to peel (so vexing for the customer!). Plus, the clove size varies, often leaving you with some of those teeny, tiny cloves that are barely worth the effort.

Georgie, on the other hand, grows “hard neck” garlic, named for the hard stalk in the center of the head. Hard neck cloves are more uniform in size and they can grow to be quite large – "some almost the size of a golf ball," says Chuck. (And yes, we do mean each clove!) Willowood's garlic is beautifully shaped, the outside smooth and unblemished and each clove plump and healthy. When you open the head, the cloves are firm, moist and smooth, with very little space between them. And there’s none of that struggling with brittle, tough skin: the cloves nearly peeled as easily as a piece of waxed cheese.

Uses for all this delicious garlic:
Megan at say she usually just eats them - all of them! - raw. Her method: Put a clove through the garlic press and spread it on generously buttered bread. Mmmm….good!

About the Willowood Farm:
Willowood Farm is located in heart of the Ebey’s Landing National Historic Reserve on central Whidbey Island, in Washington state. It was started by 4th generation Ebey’s Prairie native, Georgie Smith, in 2002. “Willowood Farm” was the historic name of Georgie’s farm, first used by the descendants of pioneer Isaac Ebey and is a reference to the once abundant willow trees that grew on the waterlogged prairie soil - soil that was was later drained by an extensive system of ceramic tiles installed by Chinese laborers. The Smith family began farming the property in the 1890s and has lived on the property since.

Georgie has reinvigorated her family’s tradition of farming with new emphasis on sustainable and organically grown produce and the same successfully markerting tecniques that has revitalized many small family farms across the United States. Willowood Farm focused on produce that thrives in central Whidbey Island’s mild, maritime climate and the rich, loamy soil of Ebey’s Prairie. Of course, one of the things that Georgie grows is heirloom beans, including the Rockwell and Peregion Bean. The other thing she groews, is organic hardneck garlic.

Everything is grown without the use of harmful pesticides or chemical fertilizers, and they utilize healthy farming practices to ensure they put as much into their land as they take out.

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