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Flavor Grenade Pluot - Organic

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Flavor Grenade Pluot - Organic
Product Code: 5003
Reg. Price: $55.55
Unit of Measure:EACH
Our Price: $49.99


Organic Flavor Grenade pluots (r) - approx 4 pounds

Washington State

* PRICE INCLUDES EXPEDITED SHIPPING* (We will remove any shipping charges if they appear on the final order.)

This is a pre-order item. Supplies are very limited. Pluots ship once a year -- the same week they are picked. Currently, Flavor Granade Pluots are scheduled to ship the second week of September, 2013.

about Flavor Grenade Plouts(r)
Pluots are mostly plum and a little apricot. Created in the '90's - they are sweeter than either plums or apricots - in fact, Pluots are noted for their sweetness due to a very high sugar content, their intense flavor, and very juicy pulp. The fruit's exterior with smooth skin closely resembles a plum's. Pluots are also rich in vitamin A.

The Flavor Grenade Pluot is large, and oblong with a reddish blush on a green background. Flesh is yellow and juicy.

Important Shipping Information:
* Please plan to be available on delivery day, so that your puots don't have to sit outside in hot weather. We will email you a few days before the plouts are expected to arrive.

* Call us (800.596.0885) for shipping charges to Alaska or Hawaii. We are unable to ship fresh fruit to international destinations.

* If your order includes both fresh pluots and other items, the plouts will ship separately and you will be charged our regular ground shipping for the non-perishable items.

* The Pluots may not be quite ripe when they arrive -- but they will be close. If still too firm, let them sit out for a few days on your kitchen counter until they are soft to the touch -- and then place in the fridge until you are ready to enjoy them.

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Flavor Grenade Pluot - Organic

Flavor Grenade Pluot - Organic
SKU:  5003
Price: $49.99 >

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