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Farro, Organic - as seen in Bon Appetit

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Farro, Organic - as seen in Bon Appetit

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1.1 lbs Organic Farro - Triticum Dicoccun - Italy

As seen in Bon Appetit Magazine

Farro, an ancient grain also known as emmer, is believed to be one of the original strains of cultivated wheat in the world. It has always been prized for its ability to grow well in poor soil. This farro is from Umbria. It looks a lot like a cross between barley and brown rice, and it's naturally high in fiber and higher in protein, B complex vitamins and both simple and complex carbohydrates than wheat. Farro has made a big comeback recently, showing up in restaurants across the country alongside the more familiar polenta and couscous.

"Restaurant chefs have embraced farro, a grain long beloved in Italy for its nutty flavor, chewy texture, and full flavor. It makes a great side for everything." Bon Appetit Magazine, March 2007

Preparation and Serving Suggestions
Prepare Farro as you would rice. Bring water (2 to 1 proportion) to a boil, add farro and simmer for 20-25 minutes.

Farro's nuttiness and chewy texture make it perfect for soups, Umbrian Summer Salad, Pinto Bean and Farro Soup.

The soup, made with fresh onion, thyme, tomatoes, rich beef stock and red wine is one of our favorite preparations. Drizzle the soup with Umbrian olive oil and freshly-grated Parmigiano-Reggiano and you have a delicious, hearty and healthy meal.

Storage: As with all grains, store farro preferably in a sealed glass or plastic container, and keep in a dark, cool cupboard. Keeps up to a year.

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