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Dauro de l' Emporda Olive Oil

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Dauro de l' Emporda Olive Oil
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Dauro de l' Emporda Olive Oil - 500 ml - Catalonia, Spain - 2013 harvest

This unfiltered, extra-virgin Spanish olive oil is from the northern Catalan province of Girona, north of Barcelona on the Mediterranean coast. Bottled completely without additives and "exactly as [it was] inside the olive," L'Empordà is a complex and subtle oil that more than holds its own alongside better-known oils.

The oil's beautiful green-gold color comes from a blend of three olive varietals: arbequina, hojiblanca and koroneiki, and it has the light aroma of toasted bread, with notes of green tomatoes, artichokes, fresh flowers, and orange blossoms. L'Empordà's fresh, intense taste ends with a very delicate finish of pepper. About Bodegas RODA
DAURO was born on a farm in the Empordà, which is in the province of Girona, in the areas of Siurana and Torroella de Fluviá, a few kilometres from the Empurias Roman ruins. It is here, near the Pyrenees and the Mediterranean, the sea and the mountains, that the character of the Empordanès is forged.

But in the Empordà, there is one aspect of the climate which leaves its mark on vegetal life, as well as the landscape: The north wind, or the tramontana. It is an intense and continuous wind which, when it blows at midday, obliges the olive trees to bow respectfully. The tramuntana sweeps away the clouds and cleans the sky, leaving incredible transparency and light. Light and aeration, the two great physiological requirements of the olive tree.

Up till 1956, all of the Bodega lands were olive groves. But, on a fateful February morning a frost devastated the plantations. As a result, during the second half of the 20th century, cereals and alfalfa colonized the soils, until the DAURO project restored to the landscape the prescious trees which had been with it since the invasion of the Roman Empire.

Suggested Uses
Enjoy your L'Emporda at room temperature, with crusty bread and a pinch of coarse salt, or drizzled as a condiment over seafood. It lends wonderful depth of flavor to salad dressings, dips and spreads.

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